Green Valley's Horse Trainer

Topsham VT


   If you have a problem horse of one that needs to be broke then please send them here. Here we can brake in a young horse, work with a broke but problem horse, teach a young one ground manners that is to young to be broke in or just refresh and older horse on his manners. Got a great horse but one that doesn't respect here we can help you to get the respect you need to have a better relationship with your horse. Have a very spooky horse, then we will desensitize them to make them safer and things more enjoyable for you and your horse. Here we believe that you build a horse from the ground up and do all our methodes using Natural Horsemanship.








All methods used working with horses are done using Natural Horsemanship ways.


I do NOT work with stallions.




Prices will vary depending on horse/s, and time spent. Please contact us for more info.









If I find a horse unsafe to be around or one that could be a health hazard to other horses then we have the right to refuse that horse with no refund of money. 



Wild King

Down in the pasture where the green grass grows

There stood a horse lovely as a rose,

He is so full of heart

So wild and free,

With his head held high

And his body so strong,

He roams the mountains

By natures wild song,

As his mane and tail blow in the wind

With a mare and foal by his side,

He is king of this land in all our eyes.