Green Valley's Horse Trainer

Topsham VT


  Green Valleys Horse Trainer is a small locally owned farm set in the beautiful valleys of the very green and ever friendly Topsham, Vermont. Here we offer Training and Boarding, but come May we will also be giving Lessons and Trail rides. We have a small section of horses for sale ranging most any level though the most popular is for advanced beginners and up. We train horses to be all around, meaning that instead of just being trained for any one specific thing they have to be able to do a wide variation of things and to us the very basic things such as, crossing water, trail riding alone, traffic safe, bomb proofing, getting along with kids and animals, knowing all your basic leg aides and being a joy to ride.

So please check things out and let us know what we can do for you.

All work the work and training done with our horses is strictly by using Natural Horsemanship methods. We believe in using a firm but gentle hand along with most everything we do with the horses, we start them out with nothing but lots of ground working.