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Topsham VT

Little Petey                                                Haflinger


Congrats to Wendy Elhert!

Maggie May                                 Friesian/Percheron


Maggie May's name was changed to Abriella (Abby for short)! Maggie is going to be training Abby to be a jumper. I can't wait to see them in the show ring.

Congrats to Maggie Hemelrick of Orange Vermont!

Chrissy                                           Quarter Horse


Chrissy was a rescue horse that I had, she needed a lot of weight put on, but over all she was fine. After she gained over 100lbs, my friend Diane fell in love with her and she found a new home with her just up the road from me, now she is getting nothing but the best care in the world. Chrissy is a very sweet girl and gets along with anyone, your heart will just leap for this mare.

Congrats to Diane Chaffee of Orange Vermont!

Savage Assault                                           Standardbred


Congrats to the Shumway family of Bradford VT!

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